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Antonio Gual is a bridal designer with a small team based in New York City. The label had recently grown rapidly when I was brought on, and a key goal was to elevate the visuals and perception of the brand.

My responsibilities were varied due to the size of the team, and the early stage of the company. This project essentially covers zooming out, re-evaluating our brand values and audience in order to refine them and move forward with intention. 

as ART DIRECTOR   /   Creative Strategy, Content, Copy, Web Design, Art Direction


A clear priority during this time of unexpected and destabilizing growth was to solidify who Antonio Gual is as a brand. I conducted interviews and strategy sessions with the small team to create a brand guidelines document, in which we pinpointed AG’s core values: the luxury of choice, a joyful experience, and timeless elegance.

When I was first brought on, the absence of such a document presented a challenge – getting to know the brand was very slow. Not only will this process be significantly more streamlined with the next hire, but I also found that writing and receiving feedback on the required copy was an intriguing way to decipher the brand DNA.

**Used existing logo / visual identity, only revisited applications, brand voice & strategy

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Before bridal, Antonio’s fashion career (and life) was namely documented on paper. When we went through his binders of newspaper clippings together, it became clear that this history is woven into the brand DNA.

As I rewrote the copy and designed the web graphics based on interviews, I emphasized narrative and personal details, while maintaining an editorial direction. In our shift from an “About” page to an “Our Story” page, we also highlighted a core company value: a personal relationship with AG brides.


Refreshing AG social content was two fold, involving aesthetic and narrative. To elevate and unify the feed visually, we prioritized bright imagery, close-ups, and moments of joy. The combination of these intimate yet aspirational visuals with copy rooted in storytelling created a dreamy mood that we leaned into.

A key challenge for the AG social strategy was the reliance on outside content from real weddings, bridal stores, etc. due to the limited possibility of original shoots. This leaves little control over the visuals we have to choose from, which requires careful planning and manipulation of content to maintain consistency.



For the first shoot as art director after the refresh, I was also responsible for filming BTS footage, social media roll-out, photo retouching, and a majority of the post-production video editing in Adobe Premiere Pro.

We extended the vintage glamour from the website redesign to the BTS content of the shoot, taking inspiration from Old Hollywood stars on set (photo references below). This romance was also echoed in the styling, with opera gloves and a dramatic eyeliner look.

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