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LeSportsac is an American lifestyle brand of casual nylon bags, founded in 1974. Prioritizing function and lightness for the travelers of today, LSS accessories move with you. 

As Art Director, I collaborate with our creative team each season to conceptualize, develop, and produce global ad campaigns for print, digital, and out-of-home usage. However, I am responsible for social-first content production and execution, whether directing a creative team or shooting talent in-house.

Below is a collection of campaigns and content, created at different scales.  

ART DIRECTOR   /   Global Fashion Campaign 


Following the direction of the WI22 collection,  the prompt for this campaign concept was “Spark.” A spark of light, color, positivity; a memory, an idea, holiday feelings. A key intention here was to maintain simplicity while translating this idea through expression, movement, dynamic shadows, and light dappling. 

On set, I was also responsible for capturing and editing BTS footage on a vintage camcorder for social-first teasers and secondary content. This fast paced, textural, trendy format with an added emphasis on personality provides another angle for younger audiences to engage with the campaign.  

Role – Art Director

Luca Schmitz – Creative Director (project lead)
Sophia Schrank – Photographer
Paul Preiss – Producer
Allan Chavarria – DOP

Among other talented people!