A collection of various illustration projects, both for clients and for my own sanity. I play with several styles, which helps me integrate drawn work into branded content.

PS – My commissions are open right now! Contact me if you’d like to work together to create a visual.

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mi voz

Mi Voz is a media company focused on amplifying the voices of non-men BIPOC in the entertainment industry. When they rebranded and reworked their online presence, they commissioned portrait illustrations for their entire team, as well cover illustrations for the Lifestyle, On-Screen, and Poetry categories.

FREELANCE CLIENT   /   Category Cover Illustrations, Team Portraits


Recently, I’ve been accepting tattoo design commissions for friends, too! This helps me explore the idea that in another life, perhaps I would’ve wanted to pursue being a tattoo artist. (I don’t do the actual tattooing)

COMMISSIONS   /   Category Cover Illustrations, Team Portraits

keep up!

I post most of my digital sketches, works in progress, and portraits on my art instagram! I love to look back on time lapses and (over) share about my process – it really helps me learn. Connect with me on there to see what I’ve been drawing lately.

PERSONAL WORK   /  Portraits, Process Videos, Drawing Challenges