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The challenge for this project was to pitch a business that responds to a small inconvenience that I personally experience. With this idea, I created a positioning strategy and visual identity.

What started as “meal prep for your free time,” aimed at busy young adults, was reimagined during Covid with a dreamier outlook. 

As I fantasized about all of the previously repetitive nights that I could soon experience with my loved ones again, I realized that my previous iteration felt too utilitarian for this new mindset.

CONCEPTUAL SOLO PROJECT   /   Brand Strategy + Identity, Copywriting

Exploration & connection.

As time at home became the only option during lockdown, I watched my creative interests become more fantastical and whimsical. Outside of arts, I’ve turned to more inventive forms of quality time with loved ones, as pre-fixed models became unavailable. While it didn’t always work, some experimentation resulted in unforgettable moments.

For busy but restless young adult couples, the Cue app tailors and plans pre-paid dates to maximize exploration and connection, and prioritize non-material gifting.

Planning for a surprise.

Cue helps young adult couples in major cities explore new experiences together, allowing them to concretely plan on spontaneity.

A majority of competitors had an older target audience, typically revolving around proposal planning, honeymoons, and more serious relationships. While one direct competitor had a similar focus on connection and exploration for young adults, they did not focus on the element of surprise, the hands-off pre-payment, or non-material gifting. Instead, they kept price points low and the product simple: digital instructions or physical game sets.

Digital made physical.

At Cue’s launch event, the in-app experience is made physical.

Guests start with an in-person quiz activity, and mystery rooms in which people complete activities and workshops, hosted by representatives from partner brands. The night ends with a buffet dinner with samples from our partner restaurants. To finish, the winners of a raffle to win a free custom date night are announced. Email lists are created with ticket purchases, and raffle tickets require guests to sign up.