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 Antonio Gual is a bridal designer with a small team based in New York City. As an art director and designer, a key aspect of my role was to create engaging content for saturated platforms. This included video, animation, and designs for social and web, which I often produced and executed in-house. 

Below is a collection featuring some of my favorites…

ART DIRECTOR   /   Content Production + Execution


This social media campaign for Antonio Gual was inspired by Chet Baker’s rendition of “Blue Room.” Framing moments of calm in milestones as dreamy memories, we used close-up shots and acapella vocals to evoke a sense of intimacy.

Antonio Gual is a bridal designer with a small team based in New York City. When I was first brought on, a key goal was to elevate the visuals and perception of the brand. At this point, basic redesigns were complete, and there was a shift in focus towards creative visuals that broke out of expectations for bridal. 

BR Kiki

Owned Concept, Direction, Video Editing, Retouching
Videography and Photography – Mimi Guan

“Blue Room” Originally by Richard Rogers (1926)
Sourced Video – Alexandr Poldvalny via Pexels
Model & Vocals – Lisa Paravano … me


In his recent bridal collection, Antonio Gual features more lace and drama than in any previous season. As an art director, I was fortunate enough to speak with him about the inner workings of his inspiration and design process– something that I suggested we share. 

The result was a set of video content for socials, and a blog post for web based on an interview in his design studio. Written, shot, and edited by me, this project explores the fantasies that lead to Antonio’s most romantic collection yet.

Above: Preview of the post on Tulle New York’s blog, “Antonio’s Diary.” Features a painting by Fransisco Goya – a key source of inspiration for this collection.  Below: Antonio’s sketches from the in-studio interview, and the full length video. Features four chapters that each outline the process and fantasies behind a specific gown. 

Owned – Concept, Interview, Blog Post, Videography, and Video Editing
Gowns Featured: Blair, Carmen, Alyson, Summer
Sketches and Gowns by Designer: Antonio Gual 
Model: Gwen via EMG Management