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Hey! I’m Lisa, an art director and designer based in Manhattan. My favorite projects involve design for social media, and conceptualizing/producing narrative-rich campaigns. 

As I studied Strategic Design & Management at Parsons, I took on freelance identity design work, and created dreamy portraits late at night. Now, as an art director for a bridal designer, I draw inspiration from film and fine art to breathe life into branded content.

If you like my work, please reach out below to chat about freelance work, collaborations, or how we can learn from each other!

For example, another artist and I sent the same digital illustration back and forth until we created something I never could have drawn alone. So cool.

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What shall we create together?

I offer a range of services, from social media content design, to video editing,  illustration, and web design. Some of my recent short-term projects include creating a website for an educator, and an album cover for a jazz musician.